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The Definitive Guide to Delhi: our discoveries from the last decade in Delhi

Updated: Feb 21

The birthplace of House of Wandering Silk is the massive metropolis of Delhi, a 1500 square kilometer sprawl in the northern plains of India. Home to 20 millions souls and our small House of Wandering Silk family and studio.

Many travellers launch their exploration of India from here, leaving as fast as the jet lag wears off. But the more familiar Delhi becomes, the more she pulls, like a magnet. It’s a city in constant flux and full of surprises; she delights, fascinates, frustrates and confounds in equal measure. Delhi blends a living, thriving antiquity (see: Chandni Chowk, Qawwali at Nizammudin Dargah), stunning historic monuments (see: Humayun’s Tomb, Lodhi Garden), an energetic and compelling design scene (see: House of Wandering Silk - of course we can’t leave ourselves off the list!, Pero, Bodice), a burgeoning coffee culture (see: Cafe Dori, Quick Brown Fox), and a lively cultural scene (See: Piano Man, Art Heritage Gallery).

We hope that by sharing our favourite parts of Delhi, including some of her hidden gems that you won’t find in your guidebook, we can encourage you to spend an extra few days here. Or maybe, like us, you’ll end up spending over a decade…


Break yourself in gently, with a stroll through this sprawling 90 acre park filled with meandering pathways set amongst seasonally refreshed and diverse flower gardens under a lush, green canopy of trees. You’ll find clean bodies of water with fountains in the middle, stone bridges and sprawling maintained lawns set amongst 500-year-and-older ruins and tombs.

Chandni Chowk

Or throw yourself in the deep end by taking the ultra modern metro to the the heart and soul of this city. An otherworldly and altogether ancient India, Old Delhi is a treasure trove of crumbling havelis; a jumble of one-room workshops and stores doing everything from packing sweets to book binding to selling wedding saris and fragrant oils; a constant flow of labourers and cycle rickshaws moving boxes; and everywhere - food! Go with no plans except to get lost and spend your day wandering and eating. Be sure to take a cycle rickshaw ride…

The main Friday Mosque of Delhi, this astoundingly beautiful building, in the heart of Old Delhi, oozes history and a bustling energy. Equal parts religious prayer site and family hangout location, the mosque should be on any to-see list of Delhi. Slowdown, sit under the red stone arches and watch all the colourful life pass before you.