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The Bandhani


Futuristic. Textured. Fluid.

Bandhani, a 1500-year old resist dye technique emerging from the mists of history, is translated into a futuristic aesthetic. From minuscule pin-pricks to maximal polka-dots, we’ve engineered concentrations of bandhani vs negative space for maximum impact.


Reminiscent of a code, every dot holds the print of the maker: each pinch of fabric, while held between the artisan’s fingers, is individually wrapped in thread to resist the dye; an extraordinarily laborious process with a unique result.

Crafted by women in the desert villages of far western India on luxe 80g silk satin, stitched in Delhi by Parvez and Lal & finished with hand-embroidered detailing in our studio; the power of our Bandhani Collection is its ability to connect humble origins with an ultra-modern aesthetic.


This ancient craft adapts itself seamlessly to a cocktail bar in Shinjuku, an underground gallery opening in Berlin, or a sky-bar in Bangkok.


Screen Shot 2021-09-20 at 12.45.18.png
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