The Mingei Cotton Collection


Nostalgic. Utilitarian. Analogue.

Mingei is timeless; it eschews ornamentation & ostentation, and embraces a functional practicality & universal beauty.


This collection is a celebration of India's village-based textile heritage - the hand spinning & weaving of textured cotton, the depth of indigo & local natural dyes, the imperfection of hand embroidery, and the richness of jamdani.

These humble folk textiles have found a home in our range of easy-to-wear, daily wardrobe staples, designed for freedom of movement & maximum comfort. Wear Mingei for strawberry picking, contemplative forest walks, and shopping at your local farmer's market.

Mingei is named after Japan's Mingei (art of the people) Movement of the early 1900s which identified beauty in the honest simplicity & utilitarianism of folk crafts created by anonymous, village craftspeople. The movement was an antidote to unchecked industrialisation and a means of cultural preservation.

This collection includes the softest cotton, proudly hand spun and woven by WomenWeave, and stitched in Delhi by India's first all-women manufacturing unit.

Khadi Cotton

The Story


The Mingei Movement

Japanese aesthetics & Indian khadi

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Based in Delhi & working with women makers, NGOs & master artisans across the width & breadth of this extraordinary land, House of Wandering Silk reimagines India's most beautiful textile traditions.

Proudly crafting one of a kind, zero waste & small batch textiles, clothing & accessories founded on our values of authenticity, respect & beauty, since 2011.

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