Weaving stories...


At House of Wandering Silk,

textiles are not just textiles;

they’re stories.


That’s because our cloth is

made by hand from beginning to end,

bringing together the skills, traditions

and cultures of artisanal communities from across Asia. 


Each artisan, each place and each technique adds to this story,

and we are their story tellers.

Ahimsa peace vegan silk story-015.JPG

Gandhi said it best: 

there is no beauty in the finest cloth if it makes hunger & unhappiness.”



Our founding purpose was simple & singular, but powerful:


to provide fairly-paid, dignified and sustainable livelihood opportunities to marginalised women, with the objective of empowering them to achieve economic independence and create better lives for themselves, their families and their communities. 



Our Vision

We are a purpose-driven company who believes in the power - and responsibility - of business to do good. "To do good" means adding positive value along the length of our entire value chain.


  • Amongst our makers, adding value means providing sustainable & meaningful employment to the women who need it the most.


  • Towards the environment, adding value means taking a regenerative approach to our materials & manufacturing processes, and to our products' use & end life.

  • Within the world of textile heritage from where we draw inspiration, adding value means championing the preservation & evolution of traditional skills & practices.

  • Towards our community of textile-connoisseurs & customers, adding value means making accessible high quality products of exceptional beauty, and educating, inspiring & connecting this community with our makers.




Value 1: Authenticity


We are story tellers.


We believe the people, skills and heritage behind each product are just as beautiful as the product itself. These stories deserve to be told, and we 

endeavour to be as transparent as possible in the telling.



Value 2: Respect


Our work respects people and planet. 


The use of waste, upcycled, handmade and vintage materials is the foundation for our designs. 


We partner with a careful selection of organisations and directly with artisans to ensure we're offering livelihood opportunities to women who need it most, and that all artisans are fairly paid and treated.



Value 3: Beauty


We exist to create beauty.

For our customers, beauty in the aesthetic value of our products, and the connection to age-old skills, talented makers and distant lands.

For our artisans, beauty in the opportunities that open up to them through a dignified and secure livelihood and economic independence.