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The Blockprint


Whimsical. Playful. Vibrant.

Plumb the depths of the sea with Samudree; a collection of complex 12-block prints that layer colour upon colour to create a vibrant, underwater world. Look closely and you'll discover whimsical characters- we've taken great joy in adding quirky, tiny details to these incredible prints. ​


Together with a team of talented, young designers, block makers & printers in Jaipur & Sanganeer - both centuries-old block printing centers - we've taken hand block printing to a new level of complexity & depth.

Samudree means nautical in Hindi, and while the technique & process are rooted in a centuries-old textile culture, we've looked for inspiration not from the traditional land-based floral block prints of the region, but from the ocean and the rich world that lays within it.

Samudree's oceanic origins have found a home in this collection of playful tops, dresses and overlays in the softest cottons, linens & silks.

Our clothing is stitched by brothers Parvez & Lal in Delhi.