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Travel Guide: The Silk Road // Pakistan to China: Part 2

Updated: May 15, 2020

Part II - Chilas to Hunza, Northern Areas, Pakistan

Baltit Fort, Karimabad, Hunza

Day three | 6 September | Chilas to Gilgit, Gilgit to Hunza

After bumping into a tour group yesterday, our appetites were whet to see the famous petroglyphs of Chilas. Centuries of travel through this area from the 1st century BC saw merchants, monks and warriors stopping along their route to scratch drawings and inscriptions into the rocks.

In the 3 sites we saw around Chilas there were no inscriptions, only a strong buddhist influence; stupas, sitting buddhas and the recorded stories of belligerent tribes who came into conflict with the buddhists; warriors, men on horseback, fallen stupas, sun symbols. And then lots of large horned ibex, considered a trophy, then as now. The rocks containing them were large, twisted formations scattered along the Indus River, with nooks and crannies to climb into. The petroglyphs were in amazing condition, some very bright. Some fools had scratched out the faces of the buddhas, another had painted his election slogan over a large stupa petroglyph.