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Favourites: 10 Indian Design Labels

Updated: May 15, 2020


11.11/ eleven-eleven

Veritable artistry merging the precious traditions of kalamkari and bandhani while remaining grounded in a wabi sabi aesthetic.


The magnifying glass on all things detailing. And certainly not your grandma’s embroidery. Each piece showcases hours of work and love.



A contemporary take on traditional textile techniques with bold patterns and a bright palette. Every bit an indisputable force in pioneering the zero-waste, regenerative fashion movement in India.



The queen of re-creating the most traditional Indian textiles into highly contemporary designs; high on design and rich in story telling.


The softest handloom cotton ikats marrying sound silhouettes and colors. Our go-to for everyday wear.

Urvashi Kaur

Our affinity for draping and swoon worthy color palettes are met season to season with this label. High on design.

Norblack Norwhite

Street style with infectious attitude, pushing boundaries while paying homage to Indian culture.

@bodicebodice @akaaro

Bodice Bodice

Subtle stand out details through the use of the pleat and designs that remain utilitarian in form and function. Woolmark Prize winner and a go to for office wear.


We’re inspired by this label because they design and spin all their own textiles in house with color palettes that are nuanced and sophisticated. The designs are referential without being too nostalgic.


Raw Mango

A true visionary with the most sumptuous colors, silks and satins in the world. One of the most worthwhile places to invest in a sari.

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