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Textile Experiments: Drop Cloth

Our signature, sell-out Artist’s Table Collection, now in its third iteration, is crafted from the drop cloth created in the Kolkata studio of a young textile artist named Aparupa; a design partner of House of Wandering Silk since 2016.

We talk to Aparupa about her journey and inspiration as a young, female Indian textile designer, and how this magical cloth came to be.

Aparupa developed a fervent interest in textiles when she was attending design school in 2011. While she dabbled in various textile mediums, particularly weaving, it wasn’t until she discovered clamp dyeing, shibori and resist dye techniques that the endless possibilities for experimentation really opened up to her. She knew she’d found her lifelong passion.

Aparupa in her design studio, Kolkata

Inspired by expressionist art and everyday life, she works with block prints as a primary technique, but often merges or layers it with hand painting and various texture manipulation processes. She advocates for the beauty of the handmade; the subtle warmth and imperfections that come with the human hand, and the individual’s story that brings character to each piece of fabric she produces.

In the course of Aparupa’s work with her small team of Bengali block print masters, conducted on three 6 meter printing tables in an airy workshop in South Kolkata, splatters and flecks from the Print Master’s blocks and brush strokes work their way down into the protective layers of cloth that pad the tables and absorb pigment seepage - what is known in the industry as drop cloth.