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Travel Guide: The Silk Road // Pakistan to China: Part 3

Updated: May 15, 2020

Part III - Hunza, Pakistan, across the Khunjerab Pass to Kashgar, China

Tupopdan, 6,106 metres, also known as "Passu Cones" or "Passu Cathedral", lies to the north of Passu village; it is the most photographed peak of the region, apparently.

Passu Glacier, also known as White Glacier. The nearby Batura Glacier is know as Black Glacier and is one of the longest glaciers in the world outside of the Polar regions.

Day five | 8 September | Karimabad to Passu, Hunza, Pakistan

In 1974 there was a flash flood of the Hunza River reaching high up into Passu town and eroding much of the land along the banks of the river. As a result of the damage to property, there was a huge out-migration from Passu, resulting in a drop in population of five times. Passu has never recovered and now is a very small collection of houses surrounded by agricultural land on the river side and huge mountains and glaciers in all directions. This area is the most heavily glaciated region outside of the Polar zones!