India's most beautiful textiles, reimagined.


Meet our Collections.

Our collections have evolved over more than a decade of textile experimentation with thousands of artisans across India. Each of our most beloved & special textiles from this process has found a home in one of our collections, and we continue to grow our range as we expand our textile repertoire.

Every collection has a distinct personality that is manifested through the qualities of the cloth it showcases - be it the playful folk-artistry of our Kantha Collection, the ethereal sensuality of our Lineya Collection, the purity of our Peace Silk Collection, or the bold graphics of our Itajime Collection.

The story begins with the specific skill set of our artisan partner. Together we co-create cloth with careful attention to weight, drape & design; the garments which populate each collection are then designed around the specific characteristics of the cloth. Every scrap is precious, and all small remnants of cloth are recycled into a variety of new garments & accessories.

Our collections take you on a journey across India: from the Northeast's tribal weaves & home-reared peace silk; Bengal's rich, folk artistry of kantha & jamdani; Himalayan grown & woven pashmina; South Indian block print & ikat; to the textile mecca of Bhuj with her shibori, ajrakh block print & exquisite embroidery.

Folk. Artistry. Storytelling.

The Kantha Collection