Rangina & the

embroiderers of Kandahar

Salang Pass Afghanistan

In a country riven for decades by war and violent conflict, a society characterised by extreme patriarchy, and an economy in collapse, the women of Afghanistan face unimaginable  hardships and challenges.


It's in a context like this where women like Rangina shine all the more brightly. Having set up her own organisation based out of Kandahar, Kandahar Treasure, she works to provide meaningful livelihood opportunities for some 400 women. 

Meet Rangina, and the embroiderers of Kandahar Treasure.

Contributing photos and text from Kandahar Treasure.

Rangina Hamidi, the founder of Kandahar Treasure, escaped her native Afghanistan in 1981, at the age of three, during the Soviet occupation. She moved first to Pakistan and then, in 1988, to the United States. Settling with her family in Virginia, Rangina earned a Bachelors degree in Religious Studies and Gender Studies from the University of Virginia and worked for the Institute for International Public Policy, an affiliate of the United Negro College Fund. 

Rangina returned to Kandahar in 2003. With a personal commitment to help lead change in Afghanistan she assumed the leadership of the Women’s Income Generation (WIG) Project for Afghans for Civil Society (ACS), a development organisation dedicated to the social development of Southern Afghanistan. 


Transforming the income generation project of ACS into a viable business has brought sustainability to the women’s work and now serves as a successful model of sustainable work in a developing nation. Rangina’s work and experience has enabled her to serve as a voice for Afghan women in international platforms.