The Rebirth Collection


Wabi sabi. Contemplative. Transcendent.

Rebirth adopts a wabi-sabi approach to design: seeking beauty in the transient & the imperfect. 


Crafted from remnants & scraps created over years of our clothing production, Rebirth transcends their banality through a bold, artistic vision & the gentle caress of many skilled hands.

Simple cuts and bold silhouettes inspired by minimalist Japanese style create a canvas to showcase this extraordinary fabric. Rebirth is for gallery openings, sakura viewing and contemplative strolls.

Addressing the urgent need in the fashion industry to reduce, reuse & recycle, Rebirth embodies the zenith of our zero waste policy. 


Every last piece of our scrap fabric has been painstakingly reincarnated into a flat yarn and hand woven onto a cotton warp. Colour placement and pattern are woven according to a carefully designed colour map. Each fabric is completely unique, indelibly imprinted with the DNA of House of Wandering Silk, and represents eight months of work.

In the spirit of "it's not waste until it's wasted", Rebirth explores the boundlessness of creativity and transformation.

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Rebirth-zero waste collection - selected
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Rebirth-zero waste collection - selected