A handwoven silk scarf in traditional krama weave. This one in strawberry red with bright stripes.
Typical to Southeast Asian silk, these Khmer Krama Scarves are made of beautifully light and crisp silk. Finished with hand-twisted tassels.

Material & Size
Made from 100% silk in Cambodia. Measures 203 by 48 cm (80 by 19").

Hand wash separately. Do not soak. Drip dry in shade.

Silk Krama Scarf | strawberry


Our Silk Krama Scarves are handwoven by weavers in villages outside Phnom Penh. Our partner works directly with weavers to design the krama, ensuring they receive regular and fairly paid employment.


"The krama, more than any other item of clothing of everyday use, is quintessentially Khmer. Cambodians like to claim that the tradition of wearing krama dates back at least as far as the Angkor period. Cambodians claim that there are more than 60 documented uses for krama. They are worn to provide protection from sun, dust, wind, cold and rain, and they may be wound around heads, necks, shoulders or hips.


Wherever you go in Cambodia you will see them wrapped, knotted, slung casually over the shoulder or worn as elaborate turbans – often in conjunction with hats. They are also regularly pressed into service as skirts, sarongs, aprons and even shorts.


Krama are also good for carrying things. Mothers use them to carry babies, children use them to heft kittens and puppies around, women going to market use them to carry bundles of chickens and other small livestock. They make excellent shopping bags; they are useful as covers for pillows, beds and chairs; they can be used as improvised fly-whisks and can be strung across the hood of a cyclo to rest the head of a weary driver. Folded, they form ideal cushions for the head on which large or heavy loads can be placed en route to market. In a sadder capacity, they can be used for leading blind people around as they seek charity."

The Krama, Insight Guides.


Any variations or irregularities are part of the design and inherent to the production process.


On sustainability:


- Eco: Use of entirely handmade processes means there is no toxic waste created.


- Artisan-sourced: this product has been sourced direclty from the weavers, ensuring they benefit from the full value of their work.

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