Our sashiko collection borrows folk textile techniques from both Japan (sashiko) and India (kantha) to create a very special cloth. Both techniques are ancient and were traditionally used on damaged and recycled cloth to add strength, give a new lease of life and add a unique aesthetic value. In the case of our Sashiko Khadi Lounger, our kantha artisans have hand embroidered irregular sashiko-style crosses on our softest and lightest hand spun and hand woven khadi cotton. This piece in black khadi with white sashiko.


The simple cut of our Lounger is the perfect, wearable canvas for showcasing this extraordinary fabric. Falling to just below the knee, it features drop shoulders, long, wide sleeves that look best rolled up, and a wide-cut body. It's fully lined using the same, lightweight khadi.


A conversation starter, a work of art, and a spectacularly unique piece of clothing that is as sublimely comfortable as it is beautiful.


Material & Care

100% cotton.​ Gentle hand wash in cold water. Do not soak. Drip dry in shade.



One size. Length is 93 cm (37"). Sleeve length is 65cm (25") but designed to be worn rolled up.

Sashiko Khadi Lounger | obsidian

SKU: Lou-sash-3

This piece is the result of a lengthy process, whereby cotton fibres are carefully hand spun and hand woven by rural Bengali weavers.This lightly textured fabric is known as khadi and maintains the intrinsic properties of cotton normally damaged during the machine-spinning process. It will continue to get softer with wear.


The khadi cotton is embellished with sashiko-style kantha stitch. This kantha creates a rich, rippling effect across the fabric and adds a unique texture to the products. Our kantha is of the highest quality, stitched by women whose families have been sewing kantha for generations in the kantha heartland; West Bengal, India.


This particular kantha embroidery has borrowed from the style of sashiko, a 400 year old functional embroidery from Japan, traditionally used to reinforce areas of clothing that were worn or thin. Any variations or irregularities are part of the design and inherent to the production process. 


On sustainability:


- Eco: khadi is ecologically superior; entirely hand made processes mean this item is eco-friendly. All materials are natural and thus bio-degradable.


- Ethical: cotton spinning is completed by KVI, a government-supported non-profit organisation providing rural artisans with regular work. Weaving is completed by a for-profit family-run company ensuring weavers get full-year employment and fair wages. Kantha is completed by a women’s cooperative, providing members regular employment, living wages and safe and flexible working conditions. The home-based work is suitable for all women and prevents urban migration. Garments are stitched in our Delhi workshop where workers receive well above the minimum wage and enjoy flexible, safe and comfortable working conditions.


- Women empowerment: handwork exclusively by women from highly marginalised communities, who prior to this work were at high risk of human trafficking. This work provides their only opportunity for earning income in their villages. 


- Responsible design: maintaining highest quality levels and use of traditional techniques and motifs ensures this ancient skill is preserved.

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