Our most luxurious fabric - pure, hand spun pashmina wool, hand woven in diamond weave with bands of metallic zari thread. Exquisitely soft to the touch, with a high ratio of warmth to weight as per the natural characteristics of pure pashm fibre.

Material & Size
95% pashmina wool and 5% zari. Measures 70 by 200 cm (27 by 80”) and weighs 100g.


Please treat with care and love by dry cleaning only. Store in a sealed plastic bag.

Pashmina Scarf | clay & gold

SKU: Pa-M-4
  • Our collection of Pashmina Scarves and Shawls represents the finest in pashmina fabric, hand made according to centuries-old traditions. We use exclusively authentic pashm wool, collected from Ladakhi goatherds, which is then hand spun and woven by a community of master craftspeople in Kashmir. Each scarf is exceptionally soft, beautifully light and very warm - the natural characteristics of pure pashmina.


    Pashmina, also now known as Cashmere, has been used since the 16th century in creating some of the finest, most luxurious scarves in the world. Traditionally, pashmina came from goats reared by nomads in the high plateaus of Tibet and Ladakh and this is where we source our fibre from. The wool is Geographic Indicator (GI)-tagged to ensure it is authentically Ladakhi.


    Based on designs created by us in collaboration with our Kashmiri partners, the fibre is then brought to Kashmir, where it passes through a dozen specialised processes, each carried out by artisans working exclusively with pashmina - carding, spinning, measuring, dyeing, starching, drafting, weaving, washing, clipping, embroidering and finally washing again, before it comes to House of Wandering Silk for a last quality control. Any variations or irregularities are part of the design and inherent to the production process.


    On sustainability:


    - Eco: hand made processes mean the production is eco-friendly. 


    - Artisan-sourced: the production of this item supports an entire community of Ladakhi goatherds and Kashmiri artisans.