Panama hats, also known as toquilla straw hats, are brimmed hats traditionally made in Ecuador. Our collection showcases the finest quality of fair trade, handwoven Panamas, merging contemporary design elements with traditional techniques.


Light weight, unisex and breathable, our hats are non-structured, easy to wear and perfect to travel with.


Ethically hand made in Ecuador.



100% organic & natural fibres of the toquilla palm.


Size & Care

Size M with a 9cm (3.5") brim. Please refer to the last images for hat size details & care instructions.

Panama Quito

SKU: Pan-8

The Panama hat has a long history; hat weaving evolved as a cottage industry along the coast of Ecuador in the 1600s and by the mid-1800s was an important export, passing through the Panama canal to international markets. By 1834, the hats were already called after their international point of sale - Panama - rather than their origin.


However, the design and production of Panama hats are deeply rooted in their Ecuadorian origins and have been listed as a UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage. Our partner works with weavers in the mountainous Sig Sig region of Ecuador, who have crafted hats for generations, passing down the skill from mother to daughter.


The process to create each hat begins with the harvesting of the toquilla palm leaves. The straw is cooked in water until it reaches the desired texture, then hung out to dry in the sun. The now dry straw is sent to weaving artisans in nearby Montecristi and Cuenca town. Each hat is pressed manually into different shapes and finished through natural dyeing, softening and ironing.


Every hat is unique and takes at least several days to weave. Any variations or irregularities are part of the design and inherent to the production process.


Photos of artisans & process: Greenpacha


On sustainability:


- Eco: hand woven using entirely natural materials.


- Fair trade: this collection is created by our fair trade partner, in collaboration with a weaving community of women in Sig Sig, Ecuador. 

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