The Natsu Shrug is our avant garde attempt to preserve the painterly attributes of these woven textiles. Embracing asymmetry, this overlay features long panels down the front that can be worn open for soft drapes that cascade like a waterfall, or casually drawn up and thrown, shawl-like, over the shoulder. The sculptured sleeves add an element of drama to the silhouette, while the rounded, scooped back hemline offers a visual contrast to the straight lines of the front.


The Natsu Shrug is fully lined in a soft silk-cotton blend. The outer cloth is soft and light; we’ve run quilting stitch across the fabric to bind it to the lining, adding strength and durability.


We love how versatile the Natsu Shrug is for styling; wear over a pair of distressed, high waisted jeans and tucked t-shirt, or drape over a midi slip dress. We’ve even added hidden pockets inside the front panels so you can forgo the handbag and let this piece take center stage.


To learn more about the inspiration and work behind our Rebirth Collection, read here.


Material & Care

Mixed fabrics: may contain silk, cotton, linen & wool.​ Please treat with care and love by dry cleaning only.



One size suitable for a wide range of shapes and sizes.

  • Cross-shoulder: 102 cm (40”)
  • Cross-chest: 102 cm (40”)
  • Front length: 85 cm (33”)
  • Back length: 83 cm (32”)
  • Back neck width: 23 cm (9”)

Natsu Shrug | ash

SKU: Pai-sh-10
  • Every item from our Rebirth Collection is completely unique and a piece of wearable art. Created from 45kg of scrap fabric and hand crafted over 8 months from start to finish by countless skilled hands, Rebirth represents what we consider to be the ultimate in sustainable and luxury fashion.


    Rebirth is born from a deep commitment to environmental and social sustainability. Completely crafted from repurposed scrap fabric, each style is cut according to a zero waste pattern.


    Our textile waste, collected over many years, has been sorted by fibre and into colour families by our partner, Paiwand Studio. Scraps are then cut into narrow pieces and made into long strips of flat yarn. These are hand woven on a warp of black and white cotton threads according to a meticulously planned colour map.


    The pattern which emerges appears organic, but the placement and positioning of every single colour within the weaving grid has been meticulously planned and executed according to the artistic vision of Paiwand Studio.


    Each style is named after one of the four seasons in Japan, reflecting their timeless nature. Any variations or irregularities are part of the design and inherent to the production process.


    On sustainability:


    - Eco: all materials are natural and thus bio-degradable. Each item is crafted from between 0.5 - 1 kg of waste fabric, and the clothing patterns are zero-waste.


    - Ethical: the entire process from fabric sorting to garment construction is carried out by Paiwand Studio, an ethical manufacturer committed to high environmental and labour standards.


    - Women empowerment: handwork by women from highly marginalised communities from the outskirts of Delhi.