Hand spun and woven in naturally-dyed silk in Luang Prabang, this thick, luxurious scarf features chok supplementary weave motifs along both ends and naga-patterned body. Finished with hand-twisted fringing.


This intricate textile can be worn as a scarf, hung on the wall or used as a table runner.

Material & Size
Made from 100% silk in Laos. Measures 43 by 142 cm (17 by 56").

Hand wash separately. Do not soak. Drip dry in shade.

Lao Tai Chok Scarf | blush with burgundy

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  • The evolution of weaving in Laos, which emerged from the cultural contact between different ethnic groups, has created some of the most intricate and stunning textiles to come from the simple floor loom. Considered by connoisseurs as being amongst the finest in the world, Lao Tai Chok textiles take months to complete. 


    We work directly with northern Lao artisans from the Tai community, like Mang, the award winning weaver who made this particular textile. The entire process is carried out by these artisans, from silk-worm rearing to dyeing and weaving. Our collection focuses specifically on the chok supplementary weave technique, the quintessential Lao weave. Chok weaving is a technique where two or more different coloured threads are inserted between each row of warp thread. These are inserted by hand, so the process is akin to embroidery or carpet weaving.


    The value of textiles in Laos measures far greater than their utility or aesthetic pleasure; they are heavy with symbology, meaning and beliefs. So much so that anthropologists can determine ethnic group, marital status, region and function from looking at textiles. This piece features the Naga, a mythological water servant with unparalleled magic powers. For more information on Lao weaves, please read our journal.


    Any variations or irregularities are part of the design and inherent to the production process.


    On sustainability:


    - Eco: Use of natural dyes and entirely handmade processes means there is no toxic waste created.


    - Artisan-sourced: this product has been sourced directly from the weavers at a price determined by them, ensuring they benefit from the full value of their work.


    - Women empowerment: the entire production process has been completed by women, from silk raising to weaving, providing a dignified and regular source of employment.