A feather light and beautifully soft, khadi cotton scarf. The body in a black grid design and embellished with traditional temple-style jamdani motifs along the border Finished with hand-twisted tassels. This piece in unbleached (kora) whiteunbleached (kora) white.

Khadi is cotton which has been hand spun and hand woven, and jamdani is one of India's most laborious textile techniques, whereby supplementary weft motifs are added by hand while the threads are still on the loom. 


Material & Care

100% cotton.​ Gentle hand wash in cold water. Do not soak. Drip dry in shade.



One size. Measures 72 by 188 cm (28 by 74”).

Jamdani Cotton Scarf | kora grid

SKU: Jam-M-10

This piece is the result of a lengthy process, whereby cotton fibres are carefully hand spun and hand woven by rural Bengali weavers.This lightly textured fabric is known as khadi and maintains the intrinsic properties of cotton normally damaged during the machine-spinning process. It will continue to get softer with wear.


While the threads are still on the loom, highly talented artisans weave the jamdani extra weft motifs into the fabric in one the most labour intensive forms of embellishment, once patronised by Mughal royalty. 


This product has been dyed using natural indigo, one of the world’s oldest and most valuable dyestuffs. Colour rub-off and running is an intrinsic property of natural indigo. Any variations or irregularities are part of the design and inherent to the production process. 


On sustainability:


- Eco: khadi is ecologically superior; entirely hand made processes mean this item is eco-friendly. All materials are natural and thus bio-degradable.


- Ethical: cotton spinning is completed by KVI, a government-supported non-profit organisation providing rural artisans with regular work. Weaving is completed by a for-profit family-run company ensuring weavers get full-year employment and fair wages. Garments are stitched in our Delhi workshop where workers receive well above the minimum wage and enjoy flexible, safe and comfortable working conditions.


- Responsible design: maintaining highest quality levels and use of traditional techniques ensures this ancient skill is preserved.

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