What's in a name: House of Wandering Silk

I'm often asked how the name for our brand, House of Wandering Silk, came about. It was during an epic solo journey along the ancient Silk Road from Pakistan to Tibet in 2007 (read my travelogue here!) that I seriously began to plan my own textile fair-trade business.

Meanwhile and a little randomly, my aunt back in the Czech Republic visited a fortune teller who told her that I had the "feet of a wandering calf". I spent the next few years mulling over dozens of names and variations, but somehow the Silk Road + Wandering Calf associations stuck with me.

It was a challenge to come up with a name that appealed to me and that I hoped would also appeal to others; that adequately represented the concept and values of the brand and at the same time sounded unique and interesting!

It was important that it be a name with meaning behind it, and while the meaning may not be immediately obvious to anyone else, these were the ideas that led from that Silk Road journey and the fortune teller's description to "House of Wandering Silk":

House: (1) the concept of a fashion house; (2) the idea of a physical location where our women artisans work, where they are safe, comfortable and happy; (3) most of the work by our artisans is done in their own homes.

Wandering: (1) representing the journey made by the textiles we work with which are sourced from all over India, across Asia and beyond, worked on by artisans from far and wide and then sent to our customers across the world; (2) the idea that much of the inspiration for our work comes from my personal travels - some 70 countries and counting!

Silk: (1) reflecting the fact that HOWS works exclusively with textiles; (2) silk in particular was chosen as it is especially luxurious and vibrant, and most of the textiles we work with are silk.



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