The Peace Silk Collection


Refined. Timeless. Pure.

This collection pays homage to the humble silk worm. These everyday pieces, crafted in incredibly soft peace silk, celebrate the humane side of silk production - no silk worm was harmed in the creation of this collection.


One of the world’s most luxurious textiles, coveted for millennia, and with a global trade route named in it’s honour, is created from the protein secretions of the silk worm. Within conventional silk production, as a thanks for all her hard work, the worm is boiled alive to preserve the integrity of the long, silk filament fibres. 

The beauty of peace silk, on the other hand, is not only that the moth can hatch before the cocoon is harvested, but also the texture and drape of the shorter staple & delicately slubbed cloth. We adore it - after some wear it feels like a second skin. 


Refined in silhouette & colour palette and timeless in style; these pieces are designed for comfort & movement throughout the seasons, lasting beyond any trends. 


Harvested, spun, dyed & woven in India’s northeast & stitched by brothers Parvez & Lal in Delhi.


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mulberry silk


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tussar silk


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eri silk


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balkal silk

Ahimsa Peace Silk

The Story

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Based in Delhi & working with women makers, NGOs & master artisans across the width & breadth of this extraordinary land, House of Wandering Silk reimagines India's most beautiful textile traditions.

Proudly crafting one of a kind, zero waste & small batch textiles, clothing & accessories founded on our values of authenticity, respect & beauty, since 2011.

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