The Itajime

Silk Collection


Luxe. Graphic. Fluid.

Clamp dye is a study in contrasts. Hard steel clamps give form to the fluid habutai silk. Unyielding wooden blocks translate into soft-edged, almost organic-looking geometric patterns dancing across the cloth. The rustic origin of our itajime fabric, hand crafted in the deserts of Western India, belies the luxury of each piece. The silk flows like water and is a pleasure on the skin.


Designed to glamorize the everyday, The Itajime Silk Collection has been made as much for lounging at home in, as for island hopping, city breaks and decadent cocktail parties. 

This ancient Japanese art of clamp-dye - itajime - shibori has been taken up by the Brothers Khatri in a remote corner of India and executed to perfection. Every three meter piece is crafted individually by hand - folded, clamped, dyed - on repeat until the desired balance and layering of shape and colour has been achieved.


Our silhouettes are designed to enhance layering, flow and drape. The clothing is stitched by our partner in Delhi, Anomaly; an ethical clothing manufacturer.

Our winter collection is built upon memories of Iceland; fractured icebergs in iridescent blue; lava-black sand beaches; basalt columns in mesmerising geometric patterns; sulphurous, steaming vents; and winter landscapes frozen in time.


Our palette is named after several of the 46 Icelandic words for snow.

(Sound enticing? Read our journal to take a visual tour of Iceland with us!)

Shibori itajime clamp dye workshop and p

Itajime Shibori

Artisans & Process


The Story

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Based in Delhi & working with women makers, NGOs & master artisans across the width & breadth of this extraordinary land, House of Wandering Silk reimagines India's most beautiful textile traditions.

Proudly crafting one of a kind, zero waste & small batch textiles, clothing & accessories founded on our values of authenticity, respect & beauty, since 2011.

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