The problem

Our purpose

Our practices

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- partners

- materials

- manufacturing

Our practices ...materials, partners, manufacturers

our design process is an ongoing dialogue with our partners. brining their skills and traditions to the fore, while offering something new, dynamic to our community of textile connoisseurs.

Over time, our vision of ourselves & our role evolved to encompass much more.

  • Relationships with producers developed into an eco-system of long-term partnerships centered around co-creation.

  • Our love of textiles grew into a showcasing of India's incredible craftsmanship; both through preservation  as well as experimentation. 

  •  Commitment to green fashion deepened into designing regenerative fashion.

  •  A transactional approach to our customers evolved into a desire to inform & inspire our community, turning consumers into owners.

  • Story telling became our passion: as a means towards transparency as well as a tool to connect people & places.

Our vision

Preserving & evolving textile heritage

Championing craftspeople



focus on women



We believe authentic, hand made and traditional textiles have fascinating stories to tell about the artisan and her community's textile heritage. By sharing these stories in a transparent way, we believe our textiles can connect the worlds of maker and wearer.

Story telling

repository of skill/heritage

Textiles are carriers of information. They are language.

Li Edelkoort